Five things I am thankful my mum taught me

Without our mothers, we would not be us.

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This Mothers Day I am celebrating all of the things my mum has taught me. Without her, I would not be me (as cringey as that sounds).

1) To have my own style

I have never been one to follow trends. I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t wear designer clothes. I much prefer cute t-shirts and comfy dungarees. When I was younger it was easy to feel like the odd one out, but my mum helped me to realise that our style makes us who we are. It brings a certain confidence and whenever I walk down the street in my dungarees, I always receive compliments. I don’t have to conform. I can be comfortable in my preferences. Without my unique sense of style, I wouldn’t be me.

2) To bake

I’ve baked with my mum for as long as I can remember. We would make everything: cakes, brownies, cookies, buns, and more. Those fond memories are now life skills I use to write about food and bake my own things. Baking is relaxing and it cheers me up no end. Without her, I would not be the Food Editor for Brig and I would probably eat fewer cakes.

Credit: Isla Glen

3) To be grateful for what I have

Most kids probably got the saying, “There are starving kids out there, so eat your tea!” but I think my gratefulness goes beyond food. My mum taught me to appreciate everything I have, including my education, my clothes and my loved ones. It’s important to remember what we have, not what we don’t have. We have to work hard to attain things but that makes the achievement even more satisfying.

Credit: Isla Glen

4) To persevere

Once I’m given something to do, I’m certain to see it through and give it my all. I have my mum to thank for this. My Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition was one of the worst memories of my life. I was soaked, lugging about a heavy backpack and slept in a hole of rocks. But I made it, and my mum met me at the end with warm cookies.

To this day, I always persevere through everything no matter what. My mum has taught me I’m strong enough to make it through. I even went on to do my Silver Duke of Edinburgh, which was a fantastic experience even if it was far from my comfort zone.

Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition. Credit: Isla Glen

5) To be kind

One of the most important things my mum has taught me is to be kind. Cliché as it is, you never know what someone is going through. A smile or a nice text message could make somebody’s day. It takes far much more effort to be nasty, and why wouldn’t you want to spread joy?

Featured image credit: Isla Glen/Brig Newspaper

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