BREAKING: Climate protesters occupy Scottish oil plants

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Climate protesters from eco group ‘This Is Rigged’ are occupying oil refineries in Grangemouth, Fife and Clydebank in a bid to ‘shut down Scotland’s oil industry.’ 

Protesters have been spotted sitting on pipes and oil tankers, occupying fuel sites, and claim to have stopped oil leaving these premises. 

Image Credit – PA Media – BBC

The group has called for a fair transition for oil and gas workers, with ‘no plans to stop.’

Seven protestors have been arrested in Grangemouth, and police officers are attending all sites.

The protest comes days after a large group of Climate Camp Scotland activists rallied at the Grangemouth plant and surrounded it.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency figures show that the Grangemouth plant generates roughly 2.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

An Ineos spokesperson said ‘We have mobilised our incident management team and are liaising with Police Scotland… We urge the protesters to consider the safety of themselves, our colleagues and the wider community.”

Image Credit – PA Media- Daily Mail

Protestor Frances Moore said, “I am furious that the powers that be are willing to sacrifice our Earth in exchange for their greed and monetary gain.”

Activist Emma Brown said: “We’re not asking passively anymore – this is too important. We are demanding the Scottish Government stand up for what’s right and oppose all new oil and gas projects and use the devolved powers they have to retrain our workers.”

Featured Image Credit: PA Media – Daily Mail

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