how to write poetry

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how to write poetry

I thought for a long time about what I’d do, 

agonising over what I would say, 

I concluded I had no business writing,

yet here I am, doing it anyway.

I could make sweeping, existential gestures, 

about life, the universe and time

but, let’s be honest, I’m twenty years old,

I’m struggling to make this thing rhyme.

Perhaps I’ll be softer, and think about love,

and its sweet, gentle warmth on my heart,

sitting out with my friends, and loving  them all,

why does poetry even have to be art?

I’ll write about love, in the kindest of terms,

without any tricks, or reason, or wit,

isn’t love just poetry, without all the words?

we can think. we can love. maybe that’s it.

Featured Image Credit: Niamh Brook

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