UCU Stirling strikes called off in long-awaited negotiations

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As of Thursday September 21, UCU Stirling has called off further industrial action after negotiations yesterday afternoon.

85 per cent of UCU Stirling members voted in favour of an offer of a flat payment equivalent to five days of annual leave for those who faced pay deductions as a result of the marking and assessment boycott.

Image Credit: UCU Stirling

The decision comes after a two year period of striking following disputes over working conditions and ‘disproportionate cuts to [our] wages.‘ 

UCU Stirling has stated that ‘there will be further discussions around phasing strike action, and expectations around return to work will be reasonable.’ University management is reportedly in the process of meeting further UCU demands.

A UCU Stirling spokesperson has expressed that “this does not amount to a return of MAB related deductions, but it does represent a significant shift from the university’s initial position of total non-negotiation, and show[‘s] a commitment to improve working relations.”

 “We remain absolutely committed to what is known as “the four fights” – which encompasses pay, pay inequality, working conditions, and casualisation. We are extremely proud of all of our colleagues who stood with us in solidarity – whether they participated in the MAB or not, and, importantly we are incredibly proud of our students who stood with us and who signed the letter of solidarity.”

A University spokesperson said: “We welcome the vote by UCU members to end the current action and to return to normal duties.”

Image Credit: UCU Stirling

Additional information can be found here.

Featured Image Credit: UCU Stirling

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