Simplifying your skincare

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We all love a good skincare moment, right? There’s something about spending time cleansing your face, smoothing on your serums and creams, maybe even a face mask or shaping your face with a gua sha. 

But it can feel overwhelming. There are so many products, so many routines, so much information! Your everyday routine doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Three step skincare, not ten

The ten-step Korean skincare routine seems to be the routine that many people try to emulate for various reasons. 

The smooth, glass-like appearance of its users might be a driving force behind the obsession, but it doesn’t have to be this way! All you really need is a cleanser, a moisturiser and an SPF (yes, those last two are entirely separate). 

Those are your basic products and ones that you should be using every single day. Experiment. Find which ones work best together and work best for your skin type. I am a combination girlie, and these are the products I reach for the most. 

  • CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
  • The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid
  • Soltan Once Age Defence SPF50 Facial Suncare Cream

I swap the products out every so often, just when I’m wanting to try something new, or if my skin needs a different type of TLC. 

SPF does not a moisturiser make

A personal skincare red flag is not using a specific SPF cream first thing in the morning. Most moisturisers do contain SPF but the amount people use is not nearly enough to protect your skin properly. 

Experts recommend at least two teaspoons worth of SPF, or an easier way to measure to is apply two fingers worth. It’s a rule that’s been around for decades but became common knowledge on skincare Twitter after licenced aesthetician, Tiara Willis, first tweeted the amount and startled her followers. 

“Ever since people started applying two fingers of SPF, I’ve gotten hundreds of tweets saying they’re already seeing results in their hyperpigmentation, dark circles, texture and even acne,” said Willis in an interview with Zoe Report.

Don’t be put off by the oily appearance your skin gets when you first pop it on, you’ve got to give 20 minutes to settle! If you’re still worried, brush some translucent powder on top to take the edge off and give your skin a beautiful dewy look, without being greasy. 

AM vs PM

It’s also important to be using different products at different times of the day. You don’t want to be using an SPF at night for obvious reasons, and you don’t want to be using a super heavy cream first thing in the morning. 

For me, I’ve found that using my hydrating cleanser in the morning and the evening works for me. If I’ve been wearing make-up, I’ll do a double cleanse at night and use the Inkey List’s Oat Cleansing Balm to really melt the makeup off my face. 

Keep calm and exfoliate!

Exfoliation is scary and I am no stranger to the dangers of exfoliation. I overdid it a few years back and completely damaged the top layer of my skin, causing breakouts, sensitivity and just overall unhealthy skin. (Spot stickers were my best friend and I still use ones from Amazon!) 

I’m personally still wary of it but I use an exfoliating cleanser in place of my hydrating cleanser once a week at night, just to keep my skin feeling soft and smooth. 

It’s not that deep

Skincare isn’t meant to be complicated and is a fun way of taking care of yourself while also having a bit of a play around. Mess around, try out different products, just remember consistency is key!

Find what works and stick to it to really see a difference in your skin. There’s plenty of information online and plenty of experts on social media. Now go forth and glow!

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