Introducing Diana ‘CallMeD’ Raschella

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Get ready for D because she is about to break into the industry and hopes to vibe her way into your playlists.

The Stirling student is getting ready to release her debut modern R&B single, London Moon, this month. 

Diana ‘CallMeD’ Raschella is an Italian music artist who studies Human Resources Management. 

She describes her single as “a mystical story of these two ‘known strangers’ meeting up in a pub.”

“They know each other already without actually knowing. You’ll just have to listen to find out the rest.”

CallMeD wrote her first song in 2018 but didn’t feel ready to keep writing until the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Since then, she’s constantly written down all sorts of different songs and melodies and let her musical brain be creative and thrive. 

Amy Winehouse and SZA play a massive influence on her style, but various genres also have their say. 

CallMeD said: “I have crazy influences from rap, old hip-hop, to Sade, to Afro Beats. I’m open to anything.

“I don’t want to fit into a box. I want to be versatile as an artist and expand myself.

“This is such a big moment for me and I truly hope you can vibe to it.”

D has had a passion for music since she was a child. Her parents played a massive part in her musical education and introduced to her all sorts of genres before giving her the push into singing lessons. 

London Moon will hit all platforms under the artist name CallMeD at midnight on January 27 2023.

Featured Image Credit: Sveva Raschella

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