Stirling Uni student granted bail

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Muhammad Raud Waris, who is a postgraduate Business Management student at the University of Stirling, has been granted bail after a two-month long dentition at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre.

He was arrested at his work in Glasgow on 15 June after allegedly violating the terms of his student visa.

A spokesman for Waris has said they are hoping the news means Waris can get back to his normal life.

“We are absolutely delighted that Mr Waris was granted bail this morning and believe that he will be shortly be released from Dungavel.”

The news comes after widespread national attention. An open letter headed by various student and refugee organisations also gained over 1,200 signatures.

Alyn Smith, SNP MP for Stirling, who had previously written to the home office asking for an explanation for the student’s length detention, said Waris’ release is ‘welcome news.’

“But the question remains how on earth was he kept in so long and why on earth did his case go so slowly?”

Smith also added: “The Home Office officials are themselves under terrible pressure from this awful UK government, and it is more and more obvious to me that we need to see the powers over immigration come to Holyrood where we will, I have no doubt, design a better, fairer and probably cheaper system.

But tonight at least I’m glad that he is with his friends and family and glad I was able to help.”

Featured Image Credit: Muhammad Raud Waris

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