Too Good To Go: What we got from The Grand Buffet

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The Grand Buffet has one of Stirling’s lowest ratings on Too Good To Go, with 2.4 stars out of 5, so we decided to try it.

If you’re not familiar with Too Good To Go, it’s an app designed to fight food waste. Customers pay a reduced price to rescue a mystery bag of surplus food.

I made my way to Friars Street to fetch our bag between 9 to 9.30p.m, the designated collection time.

Upon arrival, a friendly staff member greeted me and handed me a bag containing one tub and a paper bag.

The contents of the tub. Image credit: Aj Whyte/Brig

The plastic tub contained noodles, egg fried rice and some sort of chicken curry, while the bag had a prawn cracker, pakoras, chips, bits of popadom, spring rolls and chicken.

We weren’t entirely sure what every item was, but this could easily be rectified by asking the staff.

Image credit: Aj Whyte/Brig

The food was all mixed together, which we assume is the reason for the low ratings. If you weren’t a fan of the curry, then the noodles and rice were ruled out.

While the mixing together of foods saves on packaging and therefore is more sustainable, it could ruin the experience for people who prefer separate foods.

The egg fried rice and noodles were delicious. We aren’t the biggest fans of spice and while the curry was hot, it was still enjoyable.

The vegetable pakora was Isla’s favourite item, as it had an excellent flavour and was crispy.

AJ’s favourite part was whatever chicken bit they gave us, maybe chicken pakora or something along those lines.

The chips were soft but firm, providing a good pairing for the curry. The spring roll was delicious despite being a little on the greasy side.

Our biggest disappointment was the prawn cracker, which was soft, soggy and stale.

Overall, for £3.30 you get a great variety of food and it gives a great, cheap alternative to a takeaway.

We would give The Grand Buffet 3 stars out of 5. Its biggest drawback was the mixing of curry, noodles and rice. 

Feature image credit: Too Good To Go

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