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Farewell Kilted Kangaroo… Hello Slanj-A-Va 

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This September saw Stirling’s Australian-themed pub, the Kilted Kangaroo, relaunch under a Scottish banner.

New name

The new name, Slanj-A-Va, is the phonetic spelling of slàinte mhath, the Scottish and Irish Gaelic word for cheers.  

Pubgoers took to social media, confused about the spelling and why the change had happened.

Pub’s response

On the name:

Pub owner, Andrew Mitchell, said: “The phonetic spelling is widely used… we felt it was easier for regular customers and also visiting tourists to spell.

“We’ve all experienced how difficult it can be to find someone on Google or social media if you don’t have the correct spelling.”  

On the change:

“Theme pubs seldom last as long as we did and we had a really great run, but it was becoming tired,” he said.

Mitchell explained that Brexit was also making it far more costly to import Australian products and recruit Aussie staff – both important elements of the pub’s authenticity. 

“We were aware that a refurb and refresh was needed, and it was the choice of improving what we had or taking it in a different direction. We ultimately decided to call last orders on the Kilted Kangaroo.”  

Andrew Mitchell 

Regulars’ perspectives

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Pub regulars Taz Modson and Meghan Mcavoy. Image Credit: Carlin Braun

Pub regular, Taz Modson, said: “I wasn’t buzzed at first, people don’t like change… but I think they’ve done a good job.”  

Karaoke goer, Meghan Mcavoy, said: “As long as they keep karaoke, I’ll keep going.” 

A focus on live music

Singer Jodie Differ performs at Slanj-a-va, video credit: Carlin Braun

Besides new decoration, the refurb has also come with a stage and new sound system.  

Entertainment MC, Adam Donaldson, said: “There is an opportunity to take live music in Stirling to the next level, and with it being one of the biggest pubs it has the scope to do that.”  

“The refurb has been a massive improvement. It has the feel of a music bar that it didn’t before.”  

Adam Donaldson 

Launch weekend

Opening weekend saw a large turnout and several live performances christening the new stage.  

Going forward, Mitchell said that the push for more live music will continue as Slanj-A-Va finds its footing. 

Featured Image Credit: Slanj-a-va

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