Shows drag queen 'Blaze tha Queen' dancing on stage with a microphone in hand, backup dancers can be seen behind her.
'Blaze tha Queen' performing at Fubar, credit to: Alex Lichtenauer

‘LGBTQ+ Night’ at Fubar made a comeback – kind of. 

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This past Thursday saw another iteration of ‘LGBTQ+ Night’ at local club, Fubar, featuring drag act ‘Blaze Tha Queen’. 

Held in association with the University’s LGBTQ+ Society, this night marked the much anticipated follow-up to the first ‘LGBTQ+ Night’ that took place during freshers week.

The marketing for the event was notably different than the first instalment with only a few posts noting that it was in association with the LGBTQ+ society, rather than the clearly labelled ‘LGBTQ+ Night’ marketing of the first night. 

Instagram marketing for the most recent ‘LGBT Night’
Instagram marketing for the first ‘LGBT Night’

When asked for comment on this change in marketing, Fubar management said that it had been thought that the drag act would communicate that this was a night for the LGBTQ+ community. 

In addition, the marketing press kit for drag act ‘Blaze Tha Queen’ was used which is intentionally not labelled as LGBTQ+ in order to in Blaze’s words: “Introduce drag to people who aren’t normally interested in it.” 

Many found the marketing for the event to be unclear, with a good deal of attendees saying that they hadn’t realised that this was another iteration of ‘LGBTQ+ Night’. 

Asked about her experience at the event, second-year law student, Kirstin McMullan, noted: “I think there was the general presumption that as a drag queen was performing, the event was LGBTQ+ themed. 

“But there seemed to be a lack of clarity from Fubar and groups selling tickets about whether it was an LGBTQ+ themed night. 

“It was very much the case where, if you didn’t buy your ticket from the LGBTQ+ society on campus you weren’t fully aware of the theme of the night.”

Fubar management explained that they’re open to more clear marketing in future and further collaboration with the LGBTQ+ society. 

Overall the night was quieter compared to other student nights, but thoroughly enjoyed by attendees with some purely coming to see the drag show.  

On the performance, McMullan said: “Blaze’s performance was incredible, her energy and stage presence throughout her acts were unmatched! A huge credit to her backup dancers… they definitely completed the event.” 

Fubar management noted that going forward they’re wanting to: “Create a night so that [LGBTQ+] people do not have to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh just to feel included.” 

“We had a staff member who worked here express to us how they felt isolated and we really wanted to do something about that.” 

Fubar Management

They are also inviting suggestions for future LGBTQ+ themed nights at the email address below: 

Featured Image Credit: Alex Lichtenauer

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