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New LGBTQ+ space to open up in Alloa 

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This Wednesday marks the opening of the Lavender Room, a sober safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals over the age of 18 within Clackmannanshire and Forth Valley. 

Lou Carberry, who runs the group, noticed a lack of support for queer individuals over the age of 18 outside of bigger cities. 

“Within Glasgow and other cities, there are a variety of LGBTQ+ organisations, but if you don’t have the luxury of travel or are held back by a lack of social support then it can be hard to attend.” 

Through the Lavender Room, Carberry aims to offer a sense of community and support that would otherwise be less accessible. 

Having been involved in LGBTQ+ organisations since the age of 13, Lou said: “I remember the feeling of safety and security the youth group brought to me every week so I started thinking about giving that feeling to adults who might feel they need it. “

A flyer explaining what the Lavender Room is and when the first meeting is.
Image Credit: the Lavender Room

Resonate Together, an Alloa-based community hub and creative organisation, is currently supporting the group and acting as host to group activities which are set to be free of charge to members. 

The Lavender Room will meet every Wednesday from 5pm to 9pm in Carsebridge Culture Campus and will act as a social space looking to educate members on different queer issues whilst also adapting to the different needs of the community. 

“All we ask is you come along to the location at the set time and we will welcome you in. There will be a sign-in sheet where you can put your name, the name you are known by and an emergency contact upon entering the space just to ensure we are keeping everyone safe.” 

Going forward, Carberry hopes to secure funding for the project and have it be a long-term presence with increased meetings throughout the Forth Valley area that is able to support the local LGBTQ+ community.

Find the Lavender Room:

Instagram: fvlavenderroom

Facebook: FVLavenderRoom

Featured Image Credit:  The Lavender Room

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