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Building a Halloween costume in Stirling

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With just a week to go and assignments finally over, now is a perfect time to panic-buy a costume.

Whether you’ve got a spooky quiz coming up, or have managed to grab a ticket for a Fubar Halloween event, chances are you’re going to need a costume.

Luckily for you, Stirling has an array of clothes shops, where you can cobble together a seasonal outfit in no time.

Let’s Party

With its simple yet accurate name, this party shop offers a huge variety of costume sets, accessories, and face paints.

Only a five-minute-walk from the final Uni Link (UL) bus-stop in town, this shop is a convenient and local opportunity to get an easy outfit together.

Front of "Let's Party" party shop in Stirling.
Let’s Party sits on Port Street, just around the corner from Slanj-A-Va (formerly Kilted Kangaroo). | Image credit : Google Maps 2023

The pricing is reasonable, with a plastic revolver and holster costing me just £5.99 and last year’s bowtie, magicians hat, and wand costing around £15.


As a staple of bargain clothing, Primark can be an optimal choice for buying a quick piece to put together an outfit.

Located in the Thistles Shopping Centre, Primark is ideal for those buying on a budget, or just need a couple of pieces to round off their outfits.

Charity shops

Several charity shops dot Stirling’s streets, offering various trinkets and secondhand clothing.

If you fancy something cheaper and more environmentally friendly, perusing these charity shops may be ideal for you.

It may take longer, and you might not find what you’re looking for, but you may find something you didn’t even know you wanted.

Popular stores include Cancer Research UK, which faces you as soon as you step off the UL at its second-to-last stop.

Alternatives include the other Cancer Research UK on Murray Place, PDSA Charity Shop next door, and Marie Curie Charity Shop across the road.

Throwing together a costume

If you’re more creatively inclined than me, you may be interested in the arts-and-crafts route. This is more environmentally friendly, and healthier for your bank account.

Featured Image Credit: Openverse.org

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