Stirling’s 36km-long “Crown of Trees” proposal unveiled by charity

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The project involves connecting historic woodlands with existing walking routes and expanding the wooded coverage of the walk paths. The community-based charity TreeLink Stirling unveiled this during their Autumn Gathering on Saturday October 28.

Significant woodlands include Abbey Craig (upon which Wallace Monument stands) and Craigforth. The charity seeks to expand tree coverage along walk paths to connect these wooded areas to historically significant battlegrounds, such as Bannockburn and Stirling Bridge.

TreeLink sees this project as an opportunity to “work with landowners and local communities to fill the gaps and manage the woods.”

Map showing the Crown of Trees around the City Centre of Stirling. It includes the existing walking route, existing wooded sections, and planting opportunities. It also labels significant woodland in Stirling, such as Gillies Hill, Balquhidderock Wood, Craigforth and Abbey Craig.
The proposed “Crown of Trees”, outlining current and possible wooded sections, as well as the existing walking route | Image Credit: TreeLink Stirling

Reception to the proposal

Local SNP MP Alyn Smith attended the Autumn Gathering, posting on X (formerly known as Twitter) that he saw it as “a great vision for real community benefit for the whole city” and lending his support to the project.

Jen Preston, local councillor and Convever of the Stirling Council Environment, Transport and Net Zero Committee, lent her support to the project, saying, “Trees make communities better places to live as well as being a crucial part of Stirling’s response to the climate emergency, and I look forward to learning more about these exciting plans.”

Tree-planting opportunities looking forward

The charity says they are already discussing tree planting with some land managers, and intend to work closely with land owners and the local community to realise this project.

They say that tree-planting volunteering opportunities will be available soon, and to watch their website for more information.

Featured Image Credit: Edward Jewsbury

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