CSDF 2023 Review: Postcards From the 48% ★★★★★

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Postcards from the 48% is a documentary directed by David Wilkinson, who received the Stirling Achievement Award at this year’s Central Scotland Documentary Festival. The film is a think piece that encourages its audience to consider the perspectives of those who voted remain in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

With famous faces like Miriam Margolyes and Bob Geldof making appearances throughout, the documentary is composed of a series of interviews held throughout the United Kingdom, asking people why they chose to vote remain.

With montages of various anti-Brexit marches and the high volume of people involved in the film, it is clear to see that the Brexit vote didn’t win by a long shot. This is a visual representation of those who voted against leaving the European Union.

An anti-Brexit march outside of parliament – Image credit: Guerilla Films / Viaplay Group

The film also explores the negative outcomes and possibilities of Brexit, and unpacks the different lies that the government told during their campaign to gain more votes for leave.

During a Q&A at the end of the screening, Wilkinson reveals that he opted for a cinematic release rather than broadcasted. He did this despite offers to take it up from the BBC, due to the fact he would have had to include arguments from both sides, and not just campaign for Remain.

Although the interviewees of the film are all people for ‘Bremain’, Wilkinson says he avoided making the film hateful towards Brexiteers, aiming instead for a more educational film.

While audiences have mostly been composed of Remainers, Wilkinson’s targeted audience was actually those who voted leave.

Wilkinson interviewing Bob Geldof – Image credit: Guerilla films / Viaplay Group

Throughout the film, no hatred is spread towards Brexiteers. While we don’t hear from them during the interviews, Wilkinson does not shame them for voting leave. He instead tries to show them why it was the wrong idea by displaying how it affects different aspects of society, in an attempt to change their perspective.

At one point Wilkinson interviews Mark Durkan, the former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, who explains how Brexit goes against the Good Friday agreement and the complexities surrounding it. He airs the feelings of the Northern Irish population, 56% of which voted to remain in the European union.

The goal of the documentary is revealed at the end, with interviewees explaining why we need to propose another Brexit vote. It is explained that the majority of people who voted to leave were older, whereas younger people were more inclined to vote remain.

Using this logic, and assuming that the people who voted previously decided to keep that position, remain would likely take the majority of votes, given more young people are now able to vote.

The documentary serves perfectly as a letter to the politicians and voters responsible for Brexit, urging them to take into consideration the young people of today, who will actually be affected by the consequences of Brexit.

It is a documentary worth watching for everyone, but especially those who voted to leave the European Union.

Feature Image Credit – Guerilla Films / Viaplay Group

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