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Brig talks to Participation and Engagement Officer candidate Craig Stephen

Craig Stephen talks to Brig about his campaign to be the next Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer.

Men’s basketball president Craig Stephen sat down with Brig to talk about his manifesto, and what he plans to do in the role if elected.

Craig Stephen in action Credit: UOS Sports Union

Stephen is no stranger to the Sports Union. This year he has worked as the Sport’s Union Communications Officer, but has decided to try and make the switch to participation and engagement.

Stephen said: “I’ve decided to run for this role instead because I’m more passionate about getting people involved in sport at every level, rather than just communicating what the Sports Union are getting up to.”

He added: “If I am elected into the role of Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer, I hope to make it easier for students to participate in sport or physical activity in the way they prefer.”

One of his main manifesto points which he was particularly enthusiastic about, was the introduction of a Sports Union social club.

He explained that this would be in the form of Sports Union clubs hosting a different activity once every week or two, to encourage participation.

He said: “This would be fairly non-competitive, to allow students to form relationships with sports clubs, to continue taking part in sports that they have enjoyed.”

He also made it clear that he wants to make our sports teams as inclusive as possible, in terms of targeting demographics who are not traditionally involved in sports teams at the university.

Stephen identifies these to be mainly post-graduate and international students.

Craig Stephen’s only opponent, mountaineering president Mairi Jones, was unavailable for an interview.

If you think that Craig Stephen is the best candidate for the job, you can vote for him on the Union website at https://www.stirlingstudentsunion.com/representation/elections/

Voting closes at 6:15 pm tomorrow.

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