Two minutes with Union president candidate, Charlene Grigatis Schickler

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With less than eight hours until voting closes, I spoke to Charlene Gregatis Schickler to find out why she thinks she is the best choice to be our new Union President.

Why are you running for the role of Union president?

I’m running for the role because when I came to Stirling, it gave me a second chance of finishing my degree, and I’ve grown to love the university and I want the students to love it as much as I have, and to grow as much as I have.

Credit: Sam Ormison

Why are you the best person for the role and what makes you better than the other candidates?

My experiences. I’m a BAME, non-traditional, international student. I’m part of the LGBT community, I’ve sat on multiple committees, and I’m captain of a sports team so I have a range of experiences across all aspects of university life.

What is your favourite thing about the University of Stirling?

My faculty, and the lecturers that I have had. I love how supportive my tutors have been and how much they’ve given me in the time I have been at university.

Are you confident? Do you think you are going to win?


Charlene is certainly confident, but do the voters have confidence in her? Only time will tell. The results will be announced tonight in Venue at the results party, around 7pm. You can vote on the Union website until 615pm tonight.

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