Sports Communication Officer candidate Neve Burrows – “We have such a range of sports at the uni and it’s what we’re known for – so lets get it out there!” 

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Third-year sports studies student Neve Burrows is running for sports communications officer, hoping to use her experience in the women’s football club to bridge the gap and promote all sports teams in the uni. 

“No matter if you are a 1s or a 6s team, your achievements matter and we have so many excellent athletes that somehow go unnoticed through a lack of promotion and celebration.” 

She credits her role in the Women’s 2s football as Vice-Captain and interim Captain which has given her a lot of responsibility within the team and club. Alongside this, she is both social secretary and fundraiser for the club. 

“My experience with being in committee dealing with the sports union, centre and the whole club at times makes me a good candidate for the role as my people organisation skills have improved a lot since last April.”

Within her roles, she has loved being involved in the running of the club and the increased responsibility.

“I have been involved in sports from playing, volunteering and coaching since I was five years old, and I feel that it gives me something to fully submerge myself in where I can be my true self.”

Having been incredibly involved in sports her whole life, Neve is passionate about making the best outcome for the sports union and getting people’s achievements out there. 

“I feel that there is a push needed to communicate between sports teams and the sports union with more needing to be put on social media to fully endorse different clubs and promote their achievements.”

Neve believes that some teams feel isolated from others due to less promotion from the sports union and social media pages, and she wants to change that. She is dedicated to sticking to her word, and promises to try her best to make the outcome the one that we want.

“We have such a range of sports at the uni and it’s what we’re known for – so let’s get it out there!” 

Voting opens on February 28, and closes on March 2. 

Featured Image Credit – Neve Burrows

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