Brig talks to Ryan Peterana on running for president.

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First of all Ryan, why are you running for President of the union?

“I am passionate about making a difference and bringing more positive changes to the university. Especially concerning fairness and accessibility for union employees, officers and students.”

What makes you unique against the other candidates running for president?

“I’m looking for the best policy platform that is well-rounded, additionally I am also determined to make a difference. During the construction phase the university will be going through I don’t just want to minimise disruption but make sure students still receive the best standard of learning.”

Finally what is the best thing about the University of Stirling?

“It may sound cliché, but Stirling has become my spiritual home. I have grown into an adult through improving my communication and social skills a lot. During first year I was feeling lost and not sure if I could continue. Now I feel my social animal has been vigorously brought out. I want to bring that hope back to students.”

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