Double marathon in a day raises over £1500 for mental health charity

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On Sunday 14 November, fourth year student and SUAC member Lewis McComb, ran 94km in one day for a Scottish mental health charity.

After 11 and a half hours, McComb crossed his invisible finish line with countless amounts of virtual and physical moral support along the way.

“I chose 94km because of the alarming statistic that on average 94 men in the UK die from suicide each week, which is far too high, and needs addressed” he said.

Running for the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), McComb set the target of raising £500 and was thrilled to have tripled his target so far.

When asked why he chose SAMH he said it was because of “the current climate and what everyone is going through, spreading awareness and raising funds for mental health in these hard times felt like the appropriate thing to do”.

Marathons are difficult enough but having ran one previously McComb decided to challenge himself further for a good cause. He found that the first 50km “surprisingly went very well” but shortly after his “legs started to crumble beneath (him)”.

“This was just a different level.”

But for what may have taken a day of struggle to complete, will have long lasting effects for those with their own mental struggles that SAMH helps.

It is not too late to donate, click here.

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