Memory Walk raises over £1000 for Alzheimer’s charity

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Stirling University Netball Club are to walk 19km in Glendevon Woodlands today, October 22, to raise funds for UK charity Alzheimer’s Society.

The girls’ original challenge was a 9.5km walk, but they pledged to double their distance if they reach £1000 in donations.

“We are all going to have to come together and keep everyone going” said the club’s fundraiser, Laura Van Ransbeke.

This morning, around 20 girls from the club set off on their ‘Memory Walk’. Members from the social and BUCS teams are to participate as well, as a way of getting everyone involved in the cause.

The walk will be a “benefit to those taking part as much as it is for the charity” as the girls are given the opportunity to bond, says Laura.

SUNC members wearing Alzheimer’s Society t-shirts. Credit: Laura Van Ransbeke

After her election as club fundraiser earlier in the year, she asked the club which charities they would be interested in fundraising for, and Alzheimer’s and dementia were a recurring cause.

Laura believes supporting those affected with the disease is crucial, since “a lot of people might not realise that when someone is first diagnosed with dementia they are fully aware of what is going on and what is to come”.

Alzheimer’s Society provides support to those with the disease as well as their loved ones.

The charity is able to “support three people through an initial phone call once they receive their diagnosis for £12.50” explains the club fundraiser.

Adding that “such a small amount of money can help someone during such a daunting time.”

The girls walking through Glendevon Woodlands. Credit: Laura Van Ransbeke

So far the club has received lots of support around campus from other sports teams in spreading awareness of their cause and raising funds.

SUNC has currently raised £1195 meaning they have doubled their distance to further encourage donations.

If you wish to support SUNC in their challenge, you can donate via the link below.

SUNC vs Dementia Walk: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/suncvsdementia?fbclid=IwAR2InvzK9TbDeuvvVzXAV_-EMiFmgwjM1_y0SEWloVyVYcRZkXBZ6HV1jSI

Feature image credit: Laura Van Ransbeke

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