National Toast Day: A toast to toast

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Toast, in my opinion, is the best thing since sliced bread. Literally, because it’s warm sliced bread and what’s not to love about that?

Toast has been around a long time, even as far back as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

From scorching bread on an open fire in the Roman Empire to the first electric toaster invented in 1893 by Scotsman Alan MacMasters, toast is now part of many people’s daily lives. Like most things that have been around a while though, it’s had its fair share of hate. Diet culture labels it ‘carb-heavy’, others find it boring, and burnt toast can even be a health hazard.

Despite this, since 2014, it has had its own day to be commended. National Toast Day is the last Thursday of February every year and the food has come a long way since the ancient cultivations. It’s earned its way into breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert over the years. By all accounts it’s an insanely versatile food. From toasties to French toast to avocado toast to prawn toast to marmite or marmalade and the list goes on.

What may surprise you though, is that some people have made their bread and butter out of, well, bread and butter. All across the globe there are cafes specialising in toast.

Burnt Toast Café in London is a hotspot at the weekends, hailed for its all-day breakfast. The bread is baked in house and toast haters (if they exist) won’t be left out because the menu also includes pancakes and fry-ups.

The best part. Hate it when you go out to eat and your toast is half-cold or practically cremated? Worry not because each table has an individual toaster so you can cook your bread to perfection!

But let’s not forget some of the tantalising toast creations the Stirling area has to offer both now and when cafes reopen.

I’ve rounded up the top three tastiest toast to try near the university.

  1. Toast Café, Stirling
Image credit: Toast Café, Stirling

And where else to start but Toast itself? The café boasts an extensive menu of toasts galore, with over 20 meals featuring the food of this day. There’s something for everyone, from the classic eggs or beans, or if you’re feeling something fancier, there’s even goats cheese or salmon toppings. The toast melts sound practically drool-worthy. There’s a toast test to tick off when they reopen.

2. HBW Coffee, Stirling

Image Credit: HBW Coffee, Stirling

HBW have a section of their menu dedicated to toast and even have gluten free options available. They offer three takes on avocado toast- herby chestnut mushrooms, BBQ spicy beans, or scrambled tofu. All three options are served on sourdough toast and even better, are currently available on their takeaway menu.

3. Fletchers, Stirling

Image Credit: Fletchers, Stirling

Fletchers features an assortment of toast options for Tier 3 takeaway. Breakfast top picks include 4 varieties of toast benedict and for brunch the halloumi stack sounds mouth-watering. Toast isn’t just for mornings though, with garlic and chilli prawns on toasted sourdough on offer for starter. If you don’t like your toast savoury, worry not, because French toast with a variety of toppings makes an appearance!

The best part of National Toast Day, however, is how easily it can be celebrated from home so grab a slice, or two, or, three.

It’s like Pancake Day, but even easier.

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