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Flying home for Christmas: How to make it festive

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Nothing feels less Christmassy than the uncomfortable seats, passive-aggressive queues and security checks of an airport.

Unless you’re travelling to Munich airport with its 40 booth holiday market or skating through Denver International’s ice rink, chances are you aren’t feeling too festive while waiting on your flight.

But just because Santa hasn’t transformed Edinburgh or Glasgow airport into a Winter wonderland doesn’t mean you have to postpone the holiday cheer.

Brig has come up with some tips and tricks to help.

1. Belt it out to Buble

Well, maybe not literally, if you want to avoid some weird looks from the other passengers.

But why not put together a Christmas playlist for the trip? Or find an already existing one on Spotify.

Download it to save your data, plug your earphones in and the boring airport atmosphere is blocked out by Jingle Bells.

Hint: Check out Brig’s own Christmas playlist on Spotify.

2. Feast on festive favourites

Most airports have a Starbucks, Costa, or Café Nero.

Treat yourself to a Gingerbread Latte in those infamous red cups at Starbucks, or a Toffee Penny Latte from Costa’s Quality Street Range. Or fancy a bite to eat? Try out Café Nero’s Vegan Festive Feast Panini.

This is just a taste of what’s to offer in these cafes this Christmas.

Image credit: Café Nero

If worst comes to worst, you’re sure to find a rogue Christmas sandwich in the meal deal section.

3. Bury your brain in a book

What goes better with a hot drink than a good book?

There’s plenty of new Christmas-themed books coming out this December and if you’re lucky your airport will have a WHS in case you’ve forgotten to pack one in your hand luggage.

Although, personally, from October to December the only series I’m interested in is Harry Potter.

And if you don’t have space to carry a book, you could try downloading an audiobook to get you in the Christmas mood.

4. Christmas shopping before city-hopping

Chances are you’re a little behind on your gift shopping. With all the free time between check in and boarding, airports are the perfect place to get some last-minute presents.

Or if you’re feeling completely broke thanks to the festive season, there’s no harm in window shopping to pass the minutes.

Just remember not to go shopping spree crazy- there’s only so much you can fit in a rucksack.

I’m not saying the airport is suddenly going to become Santa’s Grotto with these hacks but they do help ease the stress or boredom of travelling, especially at this time of year.

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