Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 major update

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With the spooky season past us, we look to. The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update. November brings a fresh batch of new seasonal content for all the autumnal cottage core vibes. With only a few days till the update’s release, Brig looks at the new additions and changes ahead of November 5th.

First, let’s break down everything starting with the main draw: Brewster the pigeon and his coffee shop. The Roost is finally coming to New Horizons and will be held in the museum. So, with a fresh coffee in hand, you can chat with fellow villagers and friends alike.

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Next is everybody’s new favourite, Kapp’n. For Nook Miles, you can visit an island with him, letting you mine its resources. Here’s the twist though, these islands will be different times and seasons to your own; how cool!

Harv’s photo Island is also getting a significant upgrade to have a vendor’s market island. Vendors include fan favourites like Tortimer, Reese and Cyrus. On the mainland, there’s everything from new group activities to farming and cooking. Adding more customisation is easier than ever; changing opening times decorating, and the building will undoubtedly be plenty to keep busy.

There are tons of KK songs and a new way to listen to them. There are more hairstyles and different reactions. Nook Miles is adding new items, including a Ferris wheel. Finally, there’s a new Island Life tips app with gameplay that includes hints on how to play. 

The paid DLC feels like a year’s worth of content. As a result, you could build custom holiday homes with Lottie, the otter. Design the interior and exterior, place furniture, and decorate. Amiibo cards will let you build a holiday home for a particular character. What’s the point? The new Poki currency can be spent in the hub where you can build schools, restaurants, and hospitals, where you can meet even more cute friends to add to your island.

Where you can meet even more adorable friends.

So, to recap these all the developer details to expect on November 5th for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update…

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  • The Roost with Brewster opens inside of The Museum with warm cups of coffee!
  • Kapp’n arrives at your pier offering tours to new mysterious islands
  • Harvey’s Island massively expands with a new shopping Plaza where characters like Kicks, Leif, Redd, and more can open a permanent shop!
  • Completely new characters like Katrina, Harriet, and Tortimer open shops at Harvey’s Island!
  • Collect new Gyroid figurines from digging the ground and display them in your house!
  • Farm and harvest five new vegetables including wheat, carrots, and tomatoes!
  • Cook vegetables and other ingredients at a kitchen using new Cooking DIY recipes!
  • Enjoy an expanded construction limit for bridges and inclines, with up to 10 of each available to build!
  • Dramatically increased house storage up to 5,000 spaces for storing all your favourite items!
  • Listen to 12 brand new K.K. Slider songs, plus get music box furniture items to play them!
  • Change the rules of your island with new Island Ordinances allowing you to choose from Beautiful Island, Early Bird, Night Owl, and Bell Boom!

So with all that coming, needless to say, I am very excited to get back into the game, and hopefully, the obsession we all had with this game at the start of lockdown will reawaken our love for it in the first place. 

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