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Strictly Come Dancing: Week 5 The competition’s heating up

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After Last weeks Sabbatical, Brigs Strictly Come Dancing Reviews are back, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for comedian Rob Webb and dance partner Diana Buswell as he had to withdraw from the competition due to a previous injury. We also waved goodbye to Greg Wise and Karen Hauer after their samba to every school kid favourite the Macarena, which was more school disco than carnival ready.

Nevertheless, the show must go on. So, with the competition hotting up and another iconic Strictly milestone, Halloween week is fast approaching. The judges are leaving no feet unchecked and taking no prisoners,

Dapper Dan surprised the judges

Image Credit: Telegraph

Dan Walker and partner Nadiya Bychkovaare are paving their way as the underdogs in this competition. The pair shocked the judges with their emotional Vineesee Waltz to Dan’s wife favourite song Billy Joel’s She’s always a woman. The pair got surprised by Dan’s family in training, and even his children were finding it hard to be cynical, admitting that they were amazed their dad was that good.

However, despite the sentimental value of the piece, Nadia did not go easy on him, filing the routine with technical steps and including a fan favourite.

So ladies and gentlemen, get your Strictly bingo cards out because we have the first fleckerl of the season. The couple gave a touching performance. Dan admits that he has gotten a bit stiff sitting on the BBC Breakfast sofa, Craig so “nicely” pointed out.

However, Anton praised his improving technique and almost perfect fleckerl. It was clear from this performance the genuine friendship these two have for each other, which matched perfectly with the romantic nature of this traditional Viennese Waltz. Their hard work paid off as the judges awarded their highest score so far, 28.

Tilly triumphs

Image Credit: Telegraph

Even though Strictly is a source of fun for most of us, there is a repeating pattern of female contestants and professional dancers being the subject of online trolling due to how they look. Unfourtuanlety, this has been the case for 19-year-old contestant Tilly Ramsey.

Popular radio DJ Steve Allen voiced disgusting opinions on her weight, calling her “chubby” and criticizing her dancing on his radio show. Despite these small-minded comments, Tilly has handled herself with grace and dignity, releasing a statement proving she is mature beyond her years. ‘Steve, please feel free to voice your opinions; however, I draw the line at commenting on my appearance. It’s such a shame that someone is trying to make such a positive experience negative.’

Without meaning to, Tilly had shown herself to be an inspiring role model for young girls to stand up for themselves and learn how to accept themselves. Not only by her response but also her sheer effort and commitment to Strictly, whilst also being a successful University student.

She proved that on Saturday night, performing a beautiful foxtrot with partner Nittka to the song Little things (Which audiences have taken as a tasteful rebuttal to the controversy). But, regardless of all the comments around her, she gave a stunning performance, and the judges agreed, awarding her the pair’s highest score of 36, and a standing ovation from head judge, Shirley.

Adam performs a samba for the history books

Adam Peaty and Katya Jones have been dubbed the most competitive pair of the series, and it’s clear that they were gunning for the top spot on the leaderboard this week. The samba is generally a problematic dance with the newly appointed judge, Anton Du Beke expressing that “he honestly doesn’t see the point in it.” However, this dance left audiences and the judges confused yet impressed. I know that is a strange combination, but trust me, watch the dance. It will make sense.

Image Credit: The Mirror

The couple’s Samba to George Micheal’s Faith was a culture clash from the begging, with the pair dressed in a double denim look that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake would be proud of.

The dance itself was a typical Katya jones number filled with outlandish but technical moves. However, Adam’s enthusiasm and extreme commitment level left the audience divided. You either wanted to join the party or were left cringing the same way you would be when your dad has too many beers on holiday and has decided the dance floor is his home for the night.

Nevertheless, after the judges got over the initial shock and registered what they had just experienced, they decided they strangely enjoyed the dance and agreed that it would be one to remember.

Craig applauded him for his personality that exudes through the dance coupled with his precise isolation. However, Shirley urged him to put that passion into focusing on the technique. Despite the mixed reviews, they got the series highest score for a samba, 29.

Rose and Giovanni brings Eastenders to the ballroom

Image Credit: The Mirror

It’s no secret that Rose is a talented actress. Still, her captive performance ability, coupled with Giovanni’s initiative choreography, takes the performance to a higher standard that moves and captures the audience’s attention.

The pair took a traditional style of a romantic Viennese Waltz and flipped the context on its head, making the dance a gritty drama of a love-hate relationship that wouldn’t be out of place in a British soap opera.

The performance also carries the cultural significance of accessibility. Rose is deaf, and as acting and speech is a crucial part of dancing and conveying the story, they incorporated sign language into the performance. This was not only integrated beautifully into the dance and added emotional depths that carry the piece’s narrative. It was also another subtle but effective way of normalising disability in secular factors of life on a national scale.

The judges praised her excellent technique, with Shirley stating that the performance touched on a personal note within her and her past relationship. She felt the conflicting emotions that pulled her in. The pair even earned a coveted Fab- U- Lous from Craig. The judges’ high praise was translated into the scoring, with the couple earning their highest score of 37. This victory was made sweeter by earning a 10 from head judge, Shirley.

Bottom Two: Importance of the public vote

Image Credit: The Mirror

The bottom two this week was a definitive mixed bag. Rhys and Nancy were first to face the dreaded red lights, and the shock of their fellow contestants faces made it clear that this was expected.

The couple has been doing consistently well and with a score for this week of 32, it’s nothing to sneer at. Shirley was outraged at this decision, emphasizing the importance of the public vote, and encouraged Rhys to believe in his ability.

At the other end of the spectrum, we had Ugo and Oti, who were bottom of the leaderboard. It was clear that they were expecting this but nevertheless, both couples improved considerably, alas, all the judges voted unanimously to save Rhys and Nancy.

It was a sad departure for Ugo and Oti because Oti has lost out on reclaiming the glitterball for the third time. However, I think we can all agree she deserves a well-earned rest.

Featured Image Credit; Radio Times

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