The Stirling student raising awareness for testicular cancer

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James Falls, a student at the University of Stirling, sets out to break the stigma surrounding testicular cancer.

James is a university ambassador for the OddBalls Foundation, a charity that started in 2016 intending to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Now, OddBalls look to raise awareness of wider issues affecting men’s physical and mental health.

The foundation believes that University Ambassadors are key to delivering their message.

“One of the main ways we deliver our message is through our University Ambassador scheme. The Ambassadors visit schools, universities, and workplaces, delivering talks on Testicular Cancer; reminding boys and men to check their balls – and removing any stigma and embarrassment about it! They also fit Check Yourself Guides into public spaces and workplaces.”

OddBalls Foundatiuon Representative

This message is extremely important considering testicular cancer is around 95% curable. Early diagnosis and regular checks are crucial.

James spoke to Brig about his role as University of Stirling OddBalls Ambassador:

“I took the role as it looked great fun while helping spread awareness of such an important conversation. I followed OddBalls for years and when the opportunity came up it was something I couldn’t wait to apply for.”  

James spoke about what he has done so far:

“I’ve done heaps. I delivered talks in local schools such as Dollar Academy and Queen Victoria School. I’ve installed check yourself guides, which show how to check for testicular cancer all-around Stirling! I post a lot on my social media especially now that I have my car. All of this is done to make starting the conversation easier as the stigma is broken down!”

James Falls

For his school and society talks, James was awarded OddBalls Ambassador of the Month in September. Everything done is about raising awareness and spreading the message, and there is plenty more to come.

“I have plans to speak to as many sports union teams as possible as well as local schools and clubs. I also have ideas on how to collaborate with other OddBalls ambassadors for intercity competitions. Overall, I want to set up The OddBalls Foundation so people in Stirling can identify what oddballs is and what we do!”

James Falls

To find out more about the OddBalls foundation and follow James’ progress, follow the links below.

The OddBalls Foundation (@oddballsfdn) • Instagram photos and videos

Instagram @JamesFalls5

Feature Image Credit: James Falls

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