EP Review: Blondes ‘Out the Neighbourhood’

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Four-piece indie-rock band Blondes have released their debut EP ‘Out the Neighbourhood’. The six-track record was released on 12 November.

Opening track ‘Minimum Wage’ was released earlier this year. The song explores that bittersweet feeling of growing older and realising everyone around you is growing and everything is changing.

Life is in a repetitive cycle of work and the wage is poor. Overall, the song outlines that whilst we cannot control these changes, we can control how we respond.

Will Potter’s vocals make this track upbeat and mix with the drums and bass really well.

Title track ‘Out the Neighbourhood’ has become popular with fans of Blondes, having also been released this year.

Potter’s vocals are very effortless and they always seem to make the track. The track urges the listener to get out of their town and see more of the world. It ends very well with upbeat guitar rhythms.

Image credit – Blondes on Instagram

Most people will know next track ‘Coming of Age’ from TikTok. That first opening guitar riff and bassline is a well-known part that went viral on the app and still gets used.

It gave the band publicity at the right time as they were able to release tracks around it.

When Brig interviewed Alex Davidson (guitar) and Potter in February, Davidson called it “surreal”.

The song is about having a feeling of nostalgia. A lyric that truly sticks to this song is: ‘When we’re older, and it’s over, will this be a highlight?’

‘Street Fight’ begins with a chilling bassline that plays in to an almost sci-fi sound. They take a different approach with this being a love song, one in which concluded a sad ending.

This shows the band’s versatility and ability.

Image credit – Blondes on Instagram

‘Low on the Comedown’ is the first new track of the EP. The lyrics are self-explanatory. The band really demonstrate their indie side on this track.

Closing track ‘Lavender’ is the slowest of the six. Its lyrics are written beautifully.

The soft guitar riff remains throughout, supporting Potter’s vocals, which have shone on each track.

Blondes near enough always deliver tracks with an encouraging message, no matter if the message in question is sad, they are always upbeat and positive.

The variety of ‘Out the Neighbourhood’ really helps show the band’s potential.

‘Out the Neighbourhood’ is available on all music-streaming services now.

Featured image creditBlondes on Instagram

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