‘Human Touch Is Forever’: Big Image EP review

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Big Image, the four-piece from Birmingham, have released their debut EP ‘Human Touch Is Forever’.

Opening track ‘Parallel Love Affair’ begins with a euphoric atmosphere as though the listener is hearing the instrumentals from another room at a party.

The lyrics then kick in with the chorus opening before the first verse. The way this track plays out is interesting as this verse is about a friend’s side to a divorce, with the second verse being what the singer assumes the woman’s side would be.

This groovy track sits very well as the opening song on an EP, setting it up very well with the smart lyrics and storytelling.

‘Crazier’ is a summer atmospheric anthem that is upbeat about modern dating. The vibrant vocals above floating synths bring the track to life.

Indie meets techno in the second last track ‘Something’. This is simple but still creates a sense of nostalgia. The vocals work so well with the tempo.

Closing track ‘Sleeping Alone’ is the first slow song of the four tracks, it closes off the EP well.

After the previous three had been cheery, this is more heartfelt and demonstrates the singer’s vocals fully as all that can be heard are those and a soft guitar rhythm.

In just over 15 minutes, Big Image have shown their versatility and potential. It is exciting for the band to show what else they can produce in the future.

‘Human Touch Is Forever’ is available now on all music-streaming services.

Featured image credit – Ian Cheek Press

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