modernlove’s ‘Oh My Mind’ EP review

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Irish quartet modernlove have released their EP ‘Oh My Mind’. The indie-pop group made up of Barry, Cian, Danny, and Graham have followed up from their 2021 debut.

Opening and title track ‘Oh My Mind’ begins with echoey drumming which meet the vocals.

Despite the upbeat energy throughout, the lyrics must not be overlooked with the focus on mental health and how young people tend to hide their struggles through the use of humour.

‘Don’t Wanna’ is a rock track with a catchy chorus and raw vocals. The guitar solo gives this track its sharpness.

‘Islands’ takes a slow beginning before the pace picks up, the guitar riff provides an energy throughout.

‘Follow You’ is an upbeat track which takes the listener on an fast paced journey about a potential romance and how the singer is anticipating this.

Image credit- Ian Cheek Press

The soft vocals in ‘Familiar’ really bring out the emotion being heard in this pop-indie track. This is accompanied with a soft bassline.

The guitar riffs in ‘Us’ create another upbeat track throughout. This supported with the light bass and drumming backs up the vocals neatly.

‘Take My Head’ begins with a house techno sound which picks up again at the chorus. This as the closing track is a great choice as it ends the EP with much power as opposed to making it the typical first track.

modernlove perform at The Garage (Attic Bar) in Glasgow on 4 November later this year.

‘Oh My Mind’ is available now on all music-streaming services.

Featured image credit- Ian Cheek Press

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