The Faim’s ‘Talk Talk’ album review

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Australian band The Faim have released their second album ‘Talk Talk’. Josh Raven (vocals), Stephen Beerkens (bass/keyboards), Samuel Tye (guitar), and Linden Marissen (drums), make up the four-piece indie act.

The band return with ‘Talk Talk’ following their debut release ‘State Of Mind’ in 2019. The album has themes of nostalgia, celebration, escapism, and self-discovery.

Opening track ‘madly, badly, fixed’ has the potential to be the first played on a setlist too. The intense guitar riff instantly accompanies Raven’s strong vocals.

The Hills’ has an instant burst of adrenaline with being released as a single. The theme of self-discovery is first explored here.

The smooth yet deep rock vocals create an upbeat track on ‘You (and my Addiction)’.

Image credit – Ian Cheek Press

Raven’s vocals go soft along with the guitar riff in ‘The Alchemist’. The beat remains steady throughout in this love song making this a track for chilling out to.

The album switches back to a quick tempo on ‘Life in a Cinema’.

Similar to ‘The Alchemist’, ‘Faith in Me’ is another mellow love song.

‘Ease My Mind’ is another single which was released in 2021. This is a pop-rock track with heavy drums throughout.

On ‘Me Because of You’, a self-produced track about changing and letting go of a past version of yourself can be heard. This was also the last single before the album release.

‘Flowers’ and ‘Jealous Love’ provide the listeners with both upbeat pop rock sounds with electrifying guitar riffs.

Closing track ‘ERA’ is the perfect way to end the album as it is symbolic of the whole record theme of essentially closing a door. The light keyboard used gives this track another element.

‘Talk Talk’ is available to listen now on all music-streaming services.

Featured image credit – Ian Cheek Press

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