Live Review: Pale Waves @ Dundee’s Fat Sam’s

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Manchester band Pale Waves took to the stage at Fat Sam’s in Dundee on Monday night.

With support coming from singer Abby Roberts, the instrumentals to the new opening song Lies began.

This comes from their latest album Unwanted, which for many fans would have been the first time hearing these tracks live.

This then led to another new track You’re So Vain, in which lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie wears a crown to signify a lyric. Bassist Charlie Wood wore it for some of the set afterwards.

You Don’t Own Me, a rather rebellious track from the second album, Who Am I?, was received really well.

Image Credit: Michaela Roach

Television Romance and Eighteen, both tracks from the debut album, always appear to be fan favourites.

Another track that stood out as it usually does is Fall to Pieces. This was before they went into another new track Clean.

A moment of nostalgia came from Noises, which is for the “OG’s” as Baron-Gracie says.

Change is another track that appears to get the crowd going before a red backlight could be seen throughout another classic, Red, giving it such a nice fit.

The crowd was then treated to Alone, another new one.

Image Credit: Michaela Roach

There’s A Honey was then played although a lot earlier than fans are used to as it is usually their closing track. With both the opening and closing tracks changing, it really feels like a new chapter for the band.

The latest title track Unwanted sounded great live as did another new one, Reasons to Live.

The band went offstage before returning for the encore. The speech Baron-Gracie and her girlfriend wrote played over the spotlights which meant She’s My Religion was next.

As the baseline began, everyone started to cheer. This song is always a really nice moment.

Pale Waves ended with their new track, Jealousy, which is the perfect ending song. The venue being smaller made the sound better and the gig more intimate as the stage felt closer.

Featured Image Credit: NME

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