University of Stirling announces new Energy Crisis Bursary

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The University of Stirling have announced a new Energy Crisis Bursary for students facing financial difficulties amid the rising cost of living in the UK.

Scottish, English, Welsh, and Northern Irish student are eligible to apply for the funding, which will provide support over and above any award made from the Discretionary Fund.

The Student Money Support team said: “With the current economic climate, living costs increasing and the imminent increase in energy costs, the University administers a range of funds to provide additional financial support to our current students.

“Following the recent Scottish Government announcement advising students to apply to their University’s Discretionary Fund if they are struggling to cover increased energy costs, we have introduced a new Energy Crisis Bursary.” 

Students are eligible for funding if they are fully enrolled on an undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research course (excluding nursing courses), if they have applied for all funding available to them, and if they have taken out their full funding entitlement. 

Applicants for the Discretionary Fund must provide essential evidence including: income and expenditure breakdown, bank statements and, if applicable, any student funding, scholarships, salary or benefits you receive. 

The maximum award from this fund is in the region of £2,000 for full-time students; awards made to part-time students are on a pro rata basis dependent on the total credits undertaken in the academic year. 

If you wish to apply for the Energy Crisis Bursary, above any award you are eligible to receive from the Discretionary Fund, you must provide the essential evidence as well as communications from your energy provider detailing a current or future increase in your energy costs. 

Applications for the Discretionary Fund and the Energy Crisis Bursary will close on Friday April 29 2022 at 12pm for final year undergraduates, and Friday May 27 2022 at 12pm for continuing undergraduates and postgraduates.

Further information and support can be found here

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