Stirling supermarkets hit by fresh food shortages

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Stirling supermarkets are experiencing ‘poor stock’ of fresh fruit and vegetables, amid national shortages.

Major retailers have began rationing produce like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

Tesco in Stirling has limited tomatoes to three packs per customer, in an effort to prevent bulk-buying and to ensure that “everyone can get what they need.”

Sainsbury’s in Stirling is also experiencing supply challenges on their fresh and vegetables, with several shelves laying bare of stock. They have apologised to customers but “hope to be back in full supply soon.”

The shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables is said to be due to extreme weather conditions in Spain and Northern Africa, where a significant portion of the produce sold in UK supermarkets comes from.

However, Stirling MSP Evelyn Tweed has voiced concern that this doesn’t paint the full picture.

She said: “Reports of full shelves in Spain make clear that the poor harvest is not the only issue at stake here. Post-Brexit chaos, and the limits on trade that it brings, makes it more difficult to resolve supply chain issues.

“The food and drinks sector in the UK, and by extension the population, continues to bear the brunt of disastrous Conservative policies.

“The Conservative-made cost of living crisis has led to a surge in energy prices, making it extremely difficult for farmers here in the UK to use heated greenhouses to produce certain crops over the winter. As a result, British farmers are struggling to plug the gap.”

“Nowt rang with our shelves” says independent grocer. Image Credit: Ginger Roots

Unlike supermarket giants Tesco and Sainsbury’s, the independent grocer ‘Ginger Roots’ on Port Street is stocked up on sought-after produce, posting to social media that there is “nowt rang with our shelves… just saying”.

Evelyn Tweed has urged people in Stirling to shop for their fresh produce in businesses like Ginger Roots, saying: “Independent local grocers have assured me that they are well stocked and I would encourage constituents to support local businesses and shop local.

“The Scottish Government is monitoring the situation closely and has been assured that there is currently enough stock if everyone buys responsibly. The situation is expected to improve week on week.”

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