Wallace Monument targeted in ‘a deplorable act of vandalism’ by climate protesters

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Two climate activists have been arrested after smashing the case of William Wallace’s sword in the Wallace Monument on Thursday March 2.

The protesters have been identified as Kat Chan and Xander Cloudsey, both members of campaign group ‘This is Rigged’.

‘This is Rigged’ are calling on the Scottish Government to oppose all new fossil fuel projects in Scotland, stating that they will “continue in civil resistance” until their demands are met.

The pair were filmed spray painting and smashing rocks against the case of the iconic sword, once used by William Wallace in the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297.

Protester Kat Chan, said: “111 years ago, the suffragettes stood in this spot to fight for their freedoms and rights. 600 years ago, William Wallace defended our freedoms with this sword. Now it’s time for us to do the same and stand up for our rights.”

One of the rocks used to smash the glass case was painted to say: ‘Your liberties were won by the sword. Your rights were won by the suffragettes. We must once against fight for what is right.’

‘No new oil and gas. Fair transition now’

Stirling Council has condemned this “outrageous defacement”. Image Credit: This is Rigged

Stirling Council has branded this as a “deplorable act of vandalism on one of Scotland’s greatest treasures,” adding:

“Staff responded in line with security protocols and police were called to deal with the shameful incident. The [Wallace] Monument was closed for a short period of time to make the area safe and has now re-opened.

“We are currently assessing whether there is any damage to the historic Wallace Sword and the cost of repairs.”

Following this “outrageous defacement”, visitors will now be denied access to the sword until further notice.

Featured Image Credit: This is Rigged

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