University of Stirling reaps 80% student satisfaction rating

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The University of Stirling has ranked 9th for overall student satisfaction in Scotland with 79.67%, according to the National Student Survey 2022.

This has fallen marginally from 80.76% in 2021 but the university continues to perform above both UK and Scottish sector averages.

The University of Stirling excelled in several areas of the survey, including feedback opportunities, efficient timetables, marking criteria made clear in advance, and the Students’ Union effectively representing students.

However, the university fell significantly below the benchmark in other areas with students responding poorly to the following survey questions: ‘Feedback on my work has been timely’, ‘Good advice was available when I needed to make study choices on my course’ and ‘I feel part of a community of staff and students.’

The NSS also revealed that there are stark differences in student satisfaction across subjects, as Mathematics received an exceptionally high 96% compared to Computer Science with 42%.

Computer Science students reported feeling particularly let down by a lack of community on their course and uncertainty as to how their feedback had been acted on.

Percentage of students who feel satisfied with their course, according to NSS data. Image Credit: Rebecca Kerr

A University of Stirling spokesperson said: “We are proud to remain in the top 30 universities in the UK for overall student satisfaction, as we continue to perform above both the UK and Scottish sector averages.

“While the results confirm high student satisfaction at Stirling, we are always striving to improve our student experience, as evidenced by our recent investments in enhancing campus and the learning environment with the opening of Central Campus, new sports facilities and developing our teaching resources to meet the needs of our diverse student population.”

More than 300,000 students from 384 higher education facilities took part in this year’s National Student Survey – the full results can be found here.

Featured Image Credit: University of Stirling

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