The Enchanted Forest at Pitlochry – Put it on the to-do list

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The Enchanted Forest is very popular at this time of the year. With its beautiful lights, sounds, food and drink, as well as the ultimate vibes and thought-provoking showcases throughout.

Although tickets are fully booked for this year – consider looking into it for next year!

What is it?

Visitors walk around the forest together, with many visual, audio, and interactive showcases in the journey. Spoken words, light shows, and interactive activities remind the visitors of how we all go through life together and how beautiful that sentiment is. It is a truly divine experience.

The event has been given many awards in its 20 years of running, such as:

  • Best Cultural Event at the Visit Scotland Regional Awards in 2018
  • Best Outdoor Festival at the Scottish Outdoor & Leisure Awards 2017
  • Best Cultural Event at the UK Event Awards 2016
  • Scottish Rural Award for Tourism & Hospitality in 2016
  • Scottish Thistle Award for the Best event in 2015
Photos from the light and sound event
Image Credit: Samantha McBride

The Production

This year’s creative team was comprised of many of the UK’s leading creative talents and production companies.

Under the direction of the event management company Wavemakers Live, the show’s technical production was handled by Catalyst Event Production Services. The creative design was a collaboration between Ian Greenhill and Rux Dragan of Studio Something and composers and sound designers Jon Beales and Rachel Cullen.

The Enchanted Forest just celebrated its 20th anniversary of running and is known by many people – attracting many to Scotland for the show.

Where is it?

The Enchanted Forest is located in the Scottish town of Pitlochry; you can get there by bus, train or car. However, you must get the shuttle bus from the town to the forest.

Find out more about travelling to Pitlochry here.

The Enchanted Forest light sign at entrance
Image Credit: Samantha McBride

When is it?

The tickets for the 2023 event go on sale from October 31 this year, and the event occurs from October 5 to November 5.

Children under three years old get in free, but they must have a ticket to ensure a space on the bus. Children aged three to five have access for £13.50, and for adults, it is £24. They also do a family ticket for £67.50.

Additionally, the event is considerate of those with additional needs and has dates and times that are autism friendly – find out more here or get in touch with the event organisers.

Additional information

There are many catering areas throughout the forest walking route, such as the pizza and doughnut stall (located in catering area 1), grilled food (located in catering area 2), and churros (located in catering area 3). The churro stand also sells large marshmallows which you can roast on a small fire. Each stand also sells hot drinks, perfect for keeping yourself warm in this cold weather.

Marshmallows roasting on a fire
Image Credit: Samantha McBride

Final thoughts

Whether you are looking for a date night, a night out with friends, a family night out, or anything in between – this is something to put on the to-do list. The lights, audio, and showcases within this beautiful forest will leave you feeling closer to those around you.

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Featured Image Credit: STV News

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