VIP experience at Cineworld – is it worth it?

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After seeing the VIP experience at Cineworld Glasgow on Tiktok, I decided to see if it lived up to the hype. This article explores the advantages of getting VIP tickets compared to regular cinema tickets.


The Cineworld in Glasgow on Renfrew Street is located next to the Buchanan Bus Station. It is the biggest Cineworld in the UK, with the building towering at 69 meters.

The VIP screens are located at the top of the building in the Sky Lounge, and the glass elevator to it allows for a clear view of the city.

Google maps with directions link here.

Image Credit: Samantha McBride

Arrival to Cineworld

Upon arrival, you are greeted by Cineworld staff, who can direct you to where you buy the VIP tickets. You choose your screening and make your way to the Sky Lounge. Additionally, there is a Starbucks within the cinema building, so you can grab a Starbucks before you make your way to the top-floor Sky Lounge.

The Sky Lounge includes a bar as well as unlimited food and drinks (discussed below). Moreover, there are many comfortable seats, including window seats, which show off a great view of the busy city of Glasgow.

See more about the Sky Lounge here.

Image Credit: Samantha McBride

Before the screening

You can relax in the Sky Suite before your screening with unlimited food and drinks, including soft drinks, hot drinks, biscuits, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, and ice cream.

The hot drinks include tea, coffee and hot chocolate, and you are provided with various syrups to personalise your drink however you like it.

All the hot food is kept warm in a heater and has a variety of condiments available to have your food how you like it.

The hotdogs have mustard and ketchup available, and the nachos have various salsas, jalapenos and nacho cheese. Moreover, the ice cream comes with various sauces and toppings such as smarties, fudge pieces and marshmallows.

Image Credit: Samantha McBride

During the screening

Once your film starts, you can make your way to the viewing room with as much of the food and drinks as you want – you are also able to leave your film to get more any time you like.

In the VIP screening rooms, there are fewer seats – making your viewing experience more intimate. Additionally, the seats are adjustable recliners, and there is a good-sized table for each seat to place your food and drinks on.

Additional information

You are able to buy your tickets for the screening before you go or when you get there. However, be sure to give yourself an hour to relax in the Sky Suite before your screening starts.

If you have any questions, there are always staff around that are more than happy to help. This experience used to include an all-you-could-eat buffet, but since COVID, this has stopped, so tickets (which used to be approximately £30) are now approximately £14.

You can buy tickets or find out more here.

Final thoughts

During my visit, it was very quiet (in the lounge and the screening!). I had the whole VIP cinema room to myself as we were the only people to buy tickets for that particular screening.

I recommend doing this experience as the vibe was very nice, and the price was great!

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Featured Image Credit: Cineworld via VenueScanner

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