‘I’m here to hear you guys’: Leen Ali wins Union President

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Leen Ali has been named this year’s Union President, winning with 678 votes from the student body. The African Caribbean society president ran with a strong campaign focusing on the four areas of accessibility, wellbeing, inclusion and diversity and communication.

Campaigning for the past two weeks had been an intense time for all 29 candidates. 

“The stress feels all worth it, but I would like to remember the reason that I ran and the reason why this role is important and the change that I am making,” she said.

Ali had a very interesting look into the students’ needs. Although, of course, wanting to look at the cost of living crisis and other national issues, she also identified the day to day problems students face and the importance of dealing with more localised issues that are often side lined. These included the booking system, library hours and the Stirling bus system. 

She is most passionate about communication, saying: “Links need to be addressed as soon as possible, in every possible way, and in every aspect in order to succeed. From there then, the day to day student issues like buses, food banks they are all really important.”

Leen Ali has been elected Union President after winning 678 votes from the student body. Image Credit: Leen Ali

Ali wants to use the screens around the University to promote student-based projects, so students have access to these facilities and events. She wants to encourage a more interactive use of the Macrobert Arts Centre.

When asked what she would like to say to the students of Stirling, she said: “I’m here to hear you guys out. 

“I never realised how much this means for so many students and who approached me just wanting to be heard.

“I feel like already I’m starting to help others have a voice, although I don’t currently have a voice.”

Ali is also passionate about better lighting around campus to make sure people feel safe at night.

She wanted to commend the other candidates saying how much she valued being around who she was running against.

“I thought that it was going to be a stressful situation because we were all running against each other and all sorts is happening but it was so lovely.

“Andy was such a sweetheart when I first met him and saw me running around and heard my voice. He offered strepsils and continued to check up every single round. 

“Aaron, we bonded over our stress and took little breaks together, having such lovely genuine conversations”

Ali also commended her fellow elected Sabbatical officers for being such a brilliant support throughout.

Zoe Crosher was elected as VP Communities, Katie Gethings as VP Education and Murray Bushell as Sports Union President.

Leen Ali’s term of Union President starts in June and will run for a full year.

Featured Image Credit: Jonathan Boomer

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