Super Mario Bros. Wonder: The latest Super Mario game

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A new Super Mario Bros. game will launch this month on the Nintendo Switch.

A spin-off of the classic Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. Wonder from Nintendo is set to be all-new and exciting.

According to Nintendo, every course in the game now has its very own Wonder Flower, with the aim to collect each one as you cross the 2D adventure land of the Mario brothers.

The game is categorised as action, allowing one to four players to play.

Choose your favourite CPU, whether it be Mario, Luigi, a Yoshi or another character, and embark on the journey.

The characters available for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, excluding the Yoshis and Nabbit. Image Credits: Nintendo

Nintendo has announced its release for October 20, 2023, but is available for preorder online now.

As a character, you’ll try to save the Flower Kingdom from the nefarious Bowser, the game’s villain. As he and his army crash the party and steal a Wonder Flower, strange things take place… and it’s up to you to save the kingdom.

From the classic green and red moving pipes, to new whimsical landscapes, skydiving, space walks and more, this game is unpredictable. Players will always be on their feet to complete the next challenge.

Wonder now also offers upgraded power-ups never seen before, that will change the game completely.

Players can play either locally or online, allowing for more inclusive fun.

It is also being released in ten languages, including: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, and Portuguese.

Pre-order a copy of the game to be one of the first people to play.

Featured Image credits: Nintendo

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