Stirling Distillery Launches Limited Edition Whiskey Range

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The Stirling Distillery, opened in 2015 and located just below the Stirling Castle, has launched a limited edition whiskey range.

This is a run of their Cambusbarron and Stoneywood whisky ranges from their ‘Sons of Scotland’ collection, and the stock is limited.

Since the launch of their ‘Sons of Scotland’ independent bottling range in 2020, the demand for these whiskeys has been high, as it’s the first time the distillery has re-casked liquid.

The Stirling Distillery, Image Credits: https://stirlingdistillery.com/

This new range is a change for the distillery. It emphasises the move from their solely gin production as they are known for, to the world of whiskey.

In fact, the distillery are bringing whiskey back to Stirling since 1852, the year the original Stirling Distillery closed.

The limited edition whiskey range

The Cambusbarron whiskey was re-casked from a 2020 ‘new-make lowland whiskey’ and housed since 2021 in the Distillery. After this, it was decanted and split into three different quarter casks in January of this year. As stocks are extremely limited, only 50 bottles are available.

The Stoneywood release on the other hand, comes from a nine-year-old white wine, the Orkney Bordeaux Barrique, cask with 250 bottles.

Distillery co-founder and Scottish Whiskey advocate Cameron McCann selects casks from across Scotland for their ‘Sons of Scotland’ range. He says, “Whenever you have a whisky in your hand, you’re holding a story in a glass. With our Sons of Scotland range, this is no exception. We carefully selected casks full of history and flavour.”

The interest for their private casks has risen tremendously, as sales have now reached capacity for 2023. If you’re interested in knowing more about these casks, you can visit the distillery website online at: https://stirlingdistillery.com/pages/cask-sales.

As of now, they are taking pre-order requests for the whiskeys for 2024.

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