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Paws Against Stress return to Stirling University

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Stirling University are holding a Paws Against Stress session on 4 November. The event is open to both students and staff. 

Volunteers of Canine Concern Scotland Trust are delivering the event. It is free and runs from 11:30am to 1:30pm. The event will be held on level three of Campus Central.  

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Canine Concern Scotland Trust (CCST) runs a Therapet service, allowing registered dogs and their owners to provide pet therapy across different institutions.  

With an aim to provide comfort to all, this event is perfect before the upcoming winter exam season. Paws Against Stress began in 2013 as a pilot project to help calm student’s anxieties before examinations.  

The University of Edinburgh held the first sessions after their Student Counselling Service invited CCST to collaborate.  

After the project landed as a huge hit with students, staff, and Therapet volunteers, CCST spread the event to other institutions.  

In 2019, 178 sessions took place in universities, colleges and some commercial organisations thanks to CCST. Nearly 12,000 people across Scotland have benefitted from such sessions. 

Paws Against Stress is a free service to universities, colleges, and places of further education, but also organise events on commercial premises for a minimum donation. 

The university ask that you only select one timeslot per person to allow everyone a chance to meet the dogs. CCST typically run a session for two hours. Any longer than that causes the dogs to get tired and lose concentration. 

They also warn that if you have any pet or dog allergies, then this event may not be for you.  


If you are interested in booking a time slot for the session at the university, click here

For booking CCST to come to a place of education, or to see what their requirements for a venue are, click here.  

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