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Air TV film screening this Tuesday night at Mediterranea!  

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The Air TV monthly film screening featuring short films from the past months challenge, ‘Glovember’ will be held this Tuesday at seven in the bottom of Mediterranea. If the screening is anything like last month with a range of brilliant content it is not something to miss.

Most of the short films come from Air TV members who take part in a monthly challenge to make a film over the course of the month with a certain theme, this month’s being ‘Glovember’ you can interpret it how you want to make a drama, documentary feature whatever you like.

These challenges are great to encourage people to make films and meet other like-minded people. The screening will feature all the short film admissions.

Additionally, Air TV held a 48-hour film challenge where groups got together and made a film over the course of a weekend. The event consisted of three groups with various genres including Psychological Thriller, Indie Heist and Action Documentary.

The three films submitted will be shown on Tuesday even if you missed the event this time you can get an insight into the sort of films you can make. Entry is two pounds for members and three pounds for none members.

The night promises Humour, Talent and Mediterranean food, so take a break from the union karaoke nights and head down to Mediterranea, 4 Viewfield Place.

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