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From Brig with love: your worst dates.

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From utterly disgusting, to just plain wrong, here is our worst dates from our readers admissions, counting down to number one!

Number 10

“Took me to eat MacDonalds in a dirty underpass with 10 of his weird friends.”

Number 9

“After persistent messaging, I finally went on a date with a man who I had absolutely 0 romantic interest in. I thought he would maybe be better conversation in person. I was wrong. He had a lisp that was difficult to understand as well as only mumbling when we had our first conversation. By 30 minutes in, all he could talk about was how he loved to get drunk and all his messy drinking stories. I went on the date to cure my boredom during the Beast from the East, but I ended up more bored than I had been before I met him…”

Number 8

“Went to see ‘Grown Ups 2’ at the cinema. The film was so bad the girl I went on the with never spoke to me again.”

Number 7

“When I went on a date to the Brewhouse and the guy invited his friends to come along too.”

Number 6

“A double date where all we did was complain about each other’s dates…in front of them.”

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Number 5  

“I was planning on getting drinks with a really cute guy I saw on Tinder. The morning of the date, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw his face – on a Police Missing Persons page! He’d vanished the night before, ignored all of my texts, and didn’t appear until the next week. He wouldn’t tell me what happened to him, and immediately tried to rearrange the date – no chance!”

Number 4

“Went on a date with a guy, we were heading back to his and the street started to look familiar. Got there and realised the guy I was on a date with, was the next door neighbour of my friend, the same next door neighbour she left her own house-warming party to have sex with.”

Number 3

“My first date. I went on a date with my first girlfriend to the cinema and being the awkward and nervous kid I was, I hadn’t a clue how to kiss. So I asked around for advice before I went and while some mates gave me sound advice and others played with me for a joke. So, being confused I psyched myself out the whole movie trying to muster up some courage to see if she wanted to kiss me. After around an hour of sweating and feeling like I might die, I decided to go in for a kiss. Now, a first kiss is meant to me memorable right? Well, this was and not in a good way. As I leaned in, my awkward self stopped just before our lips touched and asked a question no man has ever asked before. That question was ‘Look I’m really sorry, but do I put my tongue in?’ How she dated me for a year after that fuck knows.”

Number 2 

“Met another girl from tinder in a coffee shop. [The] place was packed so she’d let a little old man sat at our four-seater table, which was fine at first. Said he would only be there for 20 minutes since he was waiting on his train. He was there for the WHOLE TWO HOUR DATE, treated us like ‘gal pals’, and took over every conversation I tried to have with my date. Did I mention he was in full bagpiper uniform and loved Donald Trump?””

Number 1

“I went on a date with someone who I met through tinder and at the end of the date we started talking about rapes (don’t ask why) and he mentioned how he thought most of them were made up by the girls being raped (he meant girls are just lying about it) and even said he had a friend who this had happened to. A friend who at that time was in jail.”

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  1. Hey,
    Sometimes it just happen that things go wrong if we date the wrong -different- person ; there is no bad person at all. We just same not fit in with that person who might be just perfect for someone else.

    I would love it if you just include lovely inspiring love stories or dating that ended up beautiful and both the guy and the girl were entirely satisfied and happy about it.

    Thank you .

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