Strictly Come Dancing: the first elimination of the series

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The introductions are out of the way, we know who the contestants are and how badly they want that glitterball on their mantel, but now we are down to the nitty-gritty. Just like Judi’s Samba rolls, the scores from last week have rolled over to put the couples in the best position to face the dreaded dance-off.

To be honest with you I feel like the audience should be given a reward for sitting through 14 couples dancing this week on repeat. By now I think we are all experts in Cha cha walks and heel turns.

Well, I hope we are because we have the power this week with the all-important public vote.

Greg dedicates the first couple’s choice dance to his late sister 

The couple’s choice allows the audience to connect with the celebrity and enables them to express themselves on a deeper level. 

Image Credit: Female First

Greg did exactly that, as he dedicated this week’s dance to the disco diva of his life, his sister Claire, who tragically died of cancer. 

“Clare would always have banging disco music on whenever you came around” 

He certainly made her proud tonight with a beautiful tribute to If You Could Read My Mind by Ultra Naté. 

This performance was elevated by Karen’s choreography pairing classic disco moves with an emotional contemporary section that conveyed what Shirley called an “Outstanding” and “moving” dance.

Judi claims the title of Beyonce of the ballroom

Image Credit: The Sun

Judi made Strictly history with her samba to Sean Paul’s Get busy with the first twerk ever to be performed in the Strictly ballroom, and it was incredible. Her performance has been dubbed the most authentic dance in Strictly history as she was unapologetically herself. 

It’s clear that Judi is a fan- favourite not just among the audience but with her fellow contestants. She had her competitors up on their feet, joining in the party with her.

Motsi expressed how her energy transcended the dance and welcomed the audience in. The confidence she possesses should be a mandatory lesson that all young girls should learn from.

Sara the comeback kid 

Sara and Aljaž found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard last week with their (in Craig words) “disastrous cha cha” and were, unfortunately, looking like the next to go home. 

However, this week they threw everyone for a loop as they came out of nowhere with a near-perfect foxtrot doubling her score from last week giving the couple a well-deserved 34. 

She got a standing ovation from the judges as they praised her for her newfound technique as she executed a slip pivot “hardest move in ballroom dancing” perfectly. 

Image Credit: Huffington Post

This was the highest foxtrot professional partner Ajaž has ever received on Strictly. He even admitted he started to cry in the middle of the performance because he knew the greatness of what they were doing. 

The highlight of the night was when newly appointed judge, Anton Du Beke said: ‘if he ever put on his ballroom shoes again, it would be an honour to perform this with you”. It’s safe to say Sara has cemented herself as the comeback kid.

It wasn’t the onions, it was the Charleston that had Gordon Ramsey crying

Tilly and Nikita sashayed into the top this week with their Charleston, which was a refreshing change from last week’s more demure dance that the judges critiqued her for not having enough energy. 

Image Credit: The Independent

This week was the total opposite as their Charleston was fun and alive with props galore it was a miracle she had enough breath to get on those stairs. 

She left the judges astonished by her progress prompting Anton to express: “This shouldn’t be a week two dance it should be November”

It was lovely to see her dad chef, Gordon Ramsay in the audience shedding tears of joy, expressing how proud of his daughter he was. Proof that the stone-cold chef does have a heart after all. 

First dance off of the series: Battle of the Soaps 

The first dance off of the series didn’t disappoint with the ultimate showdown of the show stars between Eastenders actress Nina Wadia and Coronation Street actress Katie Glynn. Both contestants did end up near the bottom of the pack so it wasn’t a major shock for them to be in the bottom two.

Image Credit: Digital Spy

However, they both improved significantly expressing their fight and want to stay; even head judge Shirley coined the showdown: “The closest fought battle in dance-off history”

Unfortunately, a decision had to be made which resulted in a 3 to 1 split saving Katie and Gorka from elimination. So, it was a sad farewell to Nina and Neil which was a disappointment to fans as her week one samba showed potential.

Here we are, the first cut has been made and the competition is now well underway. I hope you have your popcorn ready for next Saturday night; because it’s movie week.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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