Top tips for a healthy sex life at university

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University is the prime time for you to explore yourself without the boundaries of watching eyes and the same people you have known since you were in nappies. It is time for you to be in control of yourself. For a lot of us, it is a prime time to let loose and discover our own sexuality.  It is important to note that safety and pleasure go hand in hand.  

1. Figure out what you like 

Whether you’re a virgin or a serial dater, it takes a good few years and a lot of mistakes to figure out what does it for you and what you want to explore. Do not be afraid to dive into something that makes you nervous. Or if you want to explore what feels good for yourself don’t be afraid to touch yourself. SAAS is coming out, get yourself some toys. Make sure you know what turns you on before you add others into the equation. 

2. Find your voice  

It is important in these situations to be able to voice exactly what you want. No matter if it is a one-night stand or a new fling, you must be able to set boundaries and develop a healthy line of communication. You can use the traffic light system, so both parties are on the same page. It’s essential that we have these conversations, to ensure all parties are giving their consent. As the rule of thumb is all sex is good sex if its consensual. 

3.Always have an emergency call  

To put your own mind at ease when you’re out with someone, always let a friend or flat-mate know where you are. Or even better, keep SnapMaps or your location on just so you have the peace of mind and give you an extra sense of security to let yourself go. 

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4. Make sure you are prepared  

Now for the awkward housekeeping. If you’re living it up at university, the last thing you want are a string of uncomfortable conversations, or even worse uncomfortable feelings that results in a lot of cranberry juice and a rattle of antibiotics. Therefore, just put yourself through the less awkward task of getting tested every three months. It is less painful than you think and it offers you a vital peace of mind. 

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