Macrobert: Behind the Curtain

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The Macrobert is one of Stirling University’s not-so-hidden gems. Found on the first floor of the atrium, it is the perfect place for freshers to explore. It’s home to the university’s own cinema and theatre house and offers plenty of opportunities for students to unwind in front of the stage and screen.

Or if you are feeling intrigued, open your mind and lose yourself in a story that you had never crossed paths with before. From Shakespeare to cabaret, comedy to blockbuster; it’s ideal material for the perfect study break. 

Brig sat down with the Artistic Director and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Macrobert, Julie Ellen, to discuss how Macrobert operates within the student body. 

Ellen expressed how the Macrobert offers a variety of diverse programming throughout the year. Some of which is aimed specifically at the student body.

Macrobert offers the perfect balance of a fresh new take of theatre that explores topical issues while partnering the program with more traditional shows.

Ellen emphasises the modern spin Macrobert puts upon the stereotypical upper-class nature of theatre and chucks it out the windows of campus central. 

“I have a personal passion which the community of Macrobert shares, which is to amplify marginalized voices throughout every stage of the creative process. This goal has been achieved repeatedly through our programming.”   

Julie Ellen

The Macrobert Arts Centre focuses on inclusion and accessibility. Including their structural layout, BSL interpreters, and the ‘All Voices Heard’ programming which champions diversity. Therefore, everyone can see themselves represented on the stage.

They also offer pay-what-you-can tickets to students, with the minimum price starting at £4.50. No need to wait for student finance to come in to be able to enjoy a night of entertainment. 

Ellen recognises that a substantial portion of the student body has come to Stirling for its top-quality sports facilities. However, they are hoping you stay for its just as quality entertainment. As Macrobert’s programming offers a host of shows and films centring around the euphoric moments of the sporting world too. 

So, this freshers week, head down to the Macrobert and see which world you can escape to. For £4.50, why wouldn’t you? 

Featured Image Credit : Macrobert Arts Centre

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