Stirling audience blown away by SMuT’s Classical VS. Contemporary Cabaret

The Stirling Musical Theatre Society reminded us of our love for musicals with their first in-person performance since lockdown.

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I think all theatre lovers alike would agree with me when I say that the absence of live theatre has been a blow to all our musical loving souls over the past year. So, when theatres were allowed to open their curtains again it was a must see on all our post-lockdown bucket lists. The Stirling Musical Theatre Society’s first show after summer perfectly encapsulated the joy and showmanship we have all been missing. The society has been working tirelessly for four weeks to put on a great and accessible show in the Venue of Stirling Students’ Union.

Their Cabaret, streamed November 19 and 20, aimed to settle an age-old debate. Which musical theatre style is best: the golden age musicals that we grew up with or the modern and contemporary shows? The Cabaret was jam-packed with performances ranging from classics like The Sound of Music and Calamity Jane to newer shows like Heathers and Be More Chill. Now we all have our preferences, but the show made it difficult to take sides. Instead, the main takeaway was the rich talent and passion that came from every individual on stage.

The obvious excitement throughout each number was a massive hit and there were some clear standout performers that made me audibly gasp. A special mention needs to be given to Em Allardyce (She/They) who gave a truly mesmerising performance of ‘Gimmie Gimmie’ from Thoroughly Modern Millie. They gave the character emotional depth you would see in a professional show. The audience uncontrollably transfixed by her talent and the passion she has for her craft.

Rehearsals. Image Credit: Stirling Musical Theatre Society

It’s also evident that the society have found their new leading man in Finlay Cooke (He/Him). Admittedly he didn’t have a lot of solo moments but when this man took to the stage, he demanded attention through his commitment and undeniable stage presence, even during the ensemble.
I spoke to acting advisor and choreographer Tadhg Provan (They/Him) who expressed how exciting it is that live theatre is back and how amazing it is to be a part of the creative process and to have watched their vision come to life on stage.

He also hinted to more performances coming in the near future (hopefully in a bigger venue) which I personally cannot wait to see.

Featured Image Credit: Stirling Musical Theatre Society

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