Car driven “aggressively” through campus picket

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A car has been reported to have driven “aggressively” through a group of students on the UCU (University and College Union) Stirling picket line this morning.

The incident is alleged to have happened at around 9.45am when a black Range Rover was driven “aggressively” through the picket line on the main entrance to the university campus.

UCU Stirling tweeted that campus security was called “immediately” who confirmed they saw the incident and “wouldn’t be taking any action”.

The UCU Stirling Twitter page has confirmed no one was injured by the incident.

In a follow-up tweet, the UCU Stirling account clarified that the picket was “clearly visible” and the two other lanes at the entrance were clear.

They have labeled the incident as “completely unacceptable”.

Credit: UCU Stirling

In a statement from the university a spokesperson has said:

“The University’s security team received a report of an incident on campus this morning [December 3] and, in response, carried out enquiries, including reviewing CCTV footage, to establish the circumstances.

Alleged crimes, including road traffic offences, are a matter for Police Scotland. We have contacted UCU Stirling and encourage any member of our community who believes they have been a victim of a crime to contact Police Scotland and we will fully support any investigation.”

Brig has reached out to the UCU for further comment on the incident.

Students at UCU Stirling picket – Image Credit : UCU Stirling

Organiser for student solidarity with the strike, Eliot Wooding, has spoken to Brig about the incident:

“This morning we were nearing the end of the picket when a black car unnecessarily attempted to drive through where we were stood. There was no need for the car to drive this way, the man in the car looked very annoyed at us for being there and drove with intent. After very brief hesitation we moved out of the way of the car as it drove slowly through the crowd”.

UCU member, Sonny Bailey, witnessed the incident at what was a “peaceful protest” attended by UCU members and students. Bailey has stated the protest was “in a safe location and was not disturbing traffic heading in and out of the University”.

He has claimed “this was a deliberate and intentional act” and expressed disappointment that the University “does not seem to be taking this more seriously”.

Credit: UCU Stirling

STAR member (Student Action for Refugees society) and student, Susie Hare, was also there with other students “showing solidarity with striking lecturers on the picket line”.

She has confirmed that the picket line was not obstructing traffic, stating: “The part of the road we were stood in was the driveway area which cars don’t have to go through”.

Hare went on to say “this car very deliberately drove up through the crowd where mostly students were”.

The picket was part of the UCU’s strike action running from December 1 to 3 after disputes over pay and pensions. More can be read about the strikes here.

Featured image credit: UCU Stirling

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