Student Union announces support for National Student Strike

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The Student Union has revealed its sabbatical team will be supporting the NUS Student Strike on March 2.

The National Union of Students has called for a national student strike on March 2 in support of it’s ‘New Vision for Education’.

The NUS is encouraging walkouts for students that can, and is calling for students and student bodies to gather in Central London on the day. 

Stating its intention to “take over central London, and build our own education for the day” the NUS has announced it will have various speakers and ‘teach-ins’.

Image credit – National Union of Students (NUS)

Speaking to Brig, VP Education, Calum Brown, has said that the sabbatical team are currently working with NUS Scotland and students’ working group on the Union’s involvement. 

Brown said: “As a team, we think we can produce a stronger voice and impact by taking part in action on our Campus rather than in London on the strike day.”

He went on to assure students the action will be “constructive and informative, allowing students to learn about the key issues facing our education as well as being able to contribute their support”

Affirming its support for the strike the Student Union has said “We agree that it is now time to make education fully funded, accessible, democratised and fair for all.”

The main focuses of the NUS’ New Vision for Education are funding, accessibility, and a more democratised system.

As part of this they are calling for higher and further education to be funded by governments, to be made “free at the point of use for students” Alongside this they are calling for proper pay, pensions, and improved working conditions for staff at educational institutions.

Beyond this they called for the creation of safe and inclusive spaces to help uproot disablism and make students feel safe. The NUS has also outlined its desire to see a system that supports students from “cradle to grave” and to give them more “power and agency” over their education.

In information circulated by the NUS, it has stated its intention to take over “a park space in Central London” with the intention of using it to hold “workshops, performances and knowledge-sharing”

The national strike is due to take place March 2 and Brig will be publishing more information on the strike as it becomes available and provide coverage of action taken by the Student Union and student groups at Stirling on the day.

Featured image credit – Harry Williamson

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