Society launches a week of mindfulness activities for students

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The Student Action For Refugees society based at the University (STAR) have launched a week of mindfulness activities taking place from today until February 13.

The week of ticketed events, which includes a variety of activities, dates, locations and times across the university campus, ranging from an “introduction event” this evening (February 7) in lecture theatre A6 to a forest walk or a mental health workshop from Samaritans.

When approached for comment, a spokesperson for the society told Brig:

“We wanted to have a workshop hosted by the Samaritans focused on mental health, activism and protecting oneself and avoiding burnout as a student and an activist. Then we decided to have a week full of fun events related to the workshop, to relax and unwind, and open up a conversation about mental health.”

Esme Foxworthy-Bowers, the Health and Wellbeing officer at the Stirling Students union said the events “look fantastic” and that she already participates in some “sensory and grounding experiences” which she would “recommend to people who want to get into mindfulness.”

Bowers added that the forest walks “are really good for targeting several activities which contribute to lowering stress-like sights, smells or sensations and an immersion in greenery are all beneficial for reducing anxiety”, whilst the music night at the end of the week encourages the use of vocal cords “activates your vagus nerve, which is part of your parasympathetic system, the one which calms your body”

Bowers concluded by encouraging others to get involved, describing the events as “a fantastic opportunity for people to have a de-stress”

Students can book tickets to the events via Eventbrite here.

Feature image credit: Stirling STAR society

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