Stirling University Dance Club’s annual show is back with a bang

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After having to have an online show last year as a result of Covid it was very exciting to be able to sit in an audience again and see SUDC’s “Back in the Spotlight” show.

President Katriona Scott told us how putting on the show after a few years away was an amazing but crazy experience.

“The last show we put on at Macroberts was in 2019. Which meant that myself and the girls who are in 4th year now, were first years. This meant that there was only one year group who had actually experienced the rehearsals and final production. Although this did make it challenging, it also meant that there was kind of a clean slate with it all, and while we are still following the SUDC traditions, there were many new aspects which we introduced or emphasised.”

“I would say this meant everyone worked even harder as motivation for the first show back, as it really was quite a big event for everyone after a few years off!”

Opening with two high impact numbers in the form of A little party never hurt nobody featuring the whole cast and then their competition jazz to Lady Gaga’s Applause 

The energy and talent of the girls on stage had been asserted as the audience cheered and applauded. 

“Everyone was so happy to be back on a stage and really brought the performance”

The show featured two soloists this year, performing strikingly different pieces. First Sophie Bryson with a tap solo to Maneskin’s Beggin which showcased just how tap can fit into pop culture and modern music. In the second act we had Mary Maccoll who brought the house down with her Highland dance solo, the crowd went wild for the celebration of Scottish culture. 

There was some phenomenal choreography and performances throughout especially the contemporary competition number choreographed by Charlie Gardiner. The dark number gave the audience goosebumps and it’s no wonder it placed 2nd in advanced contemporary at St Andrews.

What was also wonderful to see was the effort to keep all forms of dance relevant and alive. Both competition tap and class tap were incredible examples of new and exciting choreography by Emily Lawless using a medley of music and styles. Katriona Scott choreographed a nouaced ballet number for the club’s competitions entitled Bond Girls which was sexy and elegant with all the technique of a ballet routine.  

A nod must be given to Claire Walsh and Adam Stewart for being engaging and hilarious compares throughout. 

It was also very emotional to watch the leavers dance, giving the girls graduating one last moment on stage.

The show ended with a fun medley of Teen Beach songs telling the story of forbidden romance whilst showcasing the whole cast one last time.

Everytime a group from Stirling University is able to get back on stage and perform it feels incredibly special and the Back in the Spotlight was no exception. Katriona agreed saying

“Overall it was great to get back and have a proper audience in front of us, definitely an amazing way to finish the semester off!”

Katriona Scott

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